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Happy New Year

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Yesterday was Summer Solstice, and as the stars have aligned this year, it was also Father’s Day. I like when the stars align…. it’s harmonic convergence that the calendar allows to happen too few times.

My son marked the occasion by giving me (of all things) a watch. A way to mark time. For me, I get a cheap Timex each year, so the gift marks my “New Year” of watch-wearing. It’s an innocent gift, and very practical, and to me, poignant. Giving your old man a watch seems like such a grown-up thing to do, as if time matters more now. For sixteen years, I’ve watched him grow, and the second hands on my watches now feel like they are ticking faster.

Ahh. Time and innocence. It’s remarkable how my son reminds me of me when I was younger. He’s discovering his passions while seeing the world as his oyster. What else can I do as his father but to help him to continue on that journey?

If I could have one Dad superpower, it would be the ability to align the stars for him now and as often as needed to feed his passions. That second hand will tick a finite number of times, the days will get shorter, and pretty soon it will be snowing outside. It’s his passions that will be timeless…and will help him achieve a little harmonic convergence. Yup. Aligning those stars would be my little innocent superpower dad gift of time to him.

Today I’ll drink a toast to innocence and I’ll drink a toast to time… another auld lang syne (with apologies to Dan Fogelberg).


Written by johnhartranft

06/22/2009 at 9:57 pm

Good Seasoning

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Being well-seasoned is a good thing, isn’t it? I think so. Food, music, time of year, or years in a life…seasoning can spice things up, measure our decision-making, sweeten our palette, overcome bitterness, or help us appreciate the bittersweet..

We mark time by the four seasons, season our food, experience winning and losing seasons, choose a seasoned professional for the big project, and so on.  It’s in the seasoning and the seasons where we find the little things–the ingredients, the moments, the details– that are game changers, difference makers, enhancers.

So, today I thought about some of the ingredients in my life, and took a closer look at the details. I’ve been collecting music a long time…and have a lot of it.   I searched my music library using the search term “season”, and what I got was a seasoned mix of artists, genres, history, and lyrical messages:

  • Seasons in the Sun, by The Kingston Trio, and a 1974 version by Terry Jacks.
  • Season of the Witch, by Donovan (1960s).
  • Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season), by Pete Seeger (1962), later by the Byrds (1965).
  • Seasons Change, by Corrine Bailey Rae (2006)
  • Seasons of Whither, by Aerosmith (1974)
  • An album, Music for All Seasons, by the Moravian Trombone Choir of Downey, with songs for each season of the liturgical year
  • Seasons of Love, Soundtrack from Rent (1999)… see below.
  • Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons (1725).
  • The Four Seasons, all their top hits from the early 1960s through 1978 (“Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” is an all-time favorite!)
  • Season Song, by Kaisercartel (2008) — this is a catchy tune, didn’t know I had this one, check it out on YouTube here >>

It was fun listening to some of these songs…a few that are very familiar to me and others that I listened to a bit more closely so I could better hear the message in the lyrics and the notes.  I could measure the songs’ significance in my life by how they connect me to a time or place, or people, and also by the breadth of music that is represented in this short playlist.  The collection clued me in to my own seasoning!

Day-to-day, do we measure seasons not only by volume, time, wins/losses, and temperature, but also by what the cast from Rent sings about?  It’s all good.

Written by johnhartranft

06/18/2009 at 6:05 pm