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Connections, Boundaries, Pathways and Time

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Thinking a lot in recent days about connections, boundaries, pathways and time. John Stilgoe’s book, Outside Lies Magic, is “a book about the acute observation of ordinary things, about becoming aware in everyday places, about seeing in utterly new ways, about enriching your life unexpectedly.”

Though Stilgoe explores the American landscape–fences, malls, main streets, railroad right-of-ways, the electrical grid– to better understand connections and fractures of history, we can also explore our own history derived from the people and moments that shape who we are along the way. Photos, letters…and now newer technologies, connect us with our own timelines to give us perspective of who we are.

A fantasy of mine has been to connect my own fractured pieces of history in real time. I sometimes dream about scenerios connecting people currently in my life with those I’ve lost touch from my youth. And, about the people or moments from the past that turn out to be significant in so many ways… these become a reference points–or benchmarks–in our own way of observing even the most ordinary of things.

Do I have a point? I suppose it’s all about becoming aware… seeing in utterly new ways and enriching life unexpectedly…Wait, that’s Stilgoe’s point, too. Try journeying up and down the pike without regard to destination, without boundaries, nor a care to be any where else at the moment but with the magic derived from everything within…and see things from the perspective of your years.


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06/10/2009 at 4:39 pm

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